Dr. Allen Arnette, D.C., L.Ac.
ParkView Health & Wellness Center
Phone: (562) 473-5371
Address: 5150 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite #460 Long Beach, CA 90804

By living naturally, you will enjoy lifelong, vibrant health. My goal is to help you explore and cultivate balance between your inner world and the world around you. Develop ways of living that inspire you to a life of your dreams using your health as a basis for creativity, productivity and relationships.

Welcome to Living Naturally with me, Dr. Allen Arnette. I invite you to make full use of all the resources on my website and to begin your journey toward a better life, beginning today. From Yoga & Meditation, to Acupuncture, to Chiropractic, I am here to guide you into optimal and holistic health. I offer free 15-minute consultations at the ParkView Health & Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA. Simply call the front desk at (562) 473-5371 and make your appointment with me today.