Jenna Martin


Jenna Martin has been practicing and studying various forms of energy healing for almost a decade including massage and Reiki. She she has a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s in Oriental Medicine, including acupuncture. Jenna is dedicated to helping people heal and learn about themselves using alternative methods, including Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese healing art form that helps guide life force energy back into the mind, body and soul. Jenna mixes Reiki with massage in order to better help her patients release tension, often held at deeper levels physically, mentally, and spiritually. This makes for truly soothing and relaxing massages. Using Reiki, Jenna also helps her patients gain insight into their truth/strengths so that they have ‘tools’ to move forward with in their lives . Her passion is reminding people of who they innately are, which is healthy and well beings.


“I was involved in a motorcycle accident recently. With the help of Jenna, through healing Reiki, she was able to help with the pain control while I was in recovery. I didn’t need pain meds, and ultimately I completely healed. Thank you!”
– John M.

“Jenna helped me through a very challenging time with her brilliant talent. She is warm, kind, gentle, compassionate, and a consummate professional. She will always be at the top of my list of go to healers!”
– Tory V.

“Jenna is a gift to the healing profession. I have been in the healing profession for 10 years and have not met a brighter light than Jenna. I recommend my patients her due to her genuine kindness that is rare to find, and because she truly cares about people.’
– Denise L.

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