TCM: Wuhan Prevention Formula

 In January 2020, the Wuhan district in China immediately treated patients with TCM and reported later with greater than 90% efficacy.

Harvard Medical School-U.S, Institute of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences recently tested the effectiveness of various herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine when treating COVID-19. 

What is TCM?

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a versatile treatment method that strengthens and restores the body's immune system. The body can heal when the immune system is unburdened and supported. 

ParkView Health & Wellness Center uses acupuncture, cups, and herbs as part of our TCM treatment options. 

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Chinese Medicine and Viral Conditions

There is much to be said about the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used to treat COVID-19. Covid represents China's 36th epidemic. With accuracy greater than 90 percent, it is no wonder that TCM is still used today. Select herbs are used to lower inflammation in the chest. The body can then loosen up and expel infection. 

Once the body is ready to let go of the virus or bacteria associated with the respiratory disease it needs a way to get rid of it. Connecting to the large intestine gives a direct path to waste removal. Dr. Arnette contributes this pathway to TCM treatments' success. 


TCM at ParkView Health & Wellness Center

Evidence-based TCM treatments have the potential to treat upper respiratory infections and prevent new outbreaks. Herbal formulas at ParkView are designed to relieve the characteristics of infection such as lung congestion.

Multiple individual medicinal herbs are combined to produce a formula. These formulas can be taken as tea or pills. Dr. Arnette has incorporated acupuncture and herbs into his practice for decades and has prescribed formulas to cure countless conditions. 

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Wuhan Prevention Formula

Dr. Arnette received a prescription from China in February 2020. We have been prescribing it to patients that wish to boost their immunity and prevent upper respiratory conditions.