A Patient’s Success Story

Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Greatly Reduced From Nutrition and Acupuncture – Doctors Shocked

On a daily basis, patients experience deep transformational healings using the tools and techniques taught at ParkView Health & Wellness Center. One central “technique” is the age-old method of using food intake (or nutrition) as a way to heal, nourish and recover.

A Real-Life Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Case from ParkView Health & Wellness: A 63 year-old female just completed her 18-month comparison labs tests. She came to us with multiple complaints. Her symptoms were bothering her enough to make an appointment with her generalist (a.k.a. “regular doctor” and her internist (and also considering a rheumatologist). After specialized tests were run and exams performed, neither specialist could not find an answer to or suggest a method for resolving her medical condition.

With her symptoms not changing she decided to change directions in how she looked at her conditions. She wanted to look at her medical conditions from a holistic and natural perspective. So, she made an appointment with us. She reported that for several years she had a progressively increasing symptom of a persistent sensation of heat emanating from her eyes that was both painful and disturbing. Her body hurt in various places that therapeutic massage could not help long-term. She was tired and fatigued, moody, her sleep was disturbed and she had a “restless and un-well” feeling inside of her. A course of treatment (outlined below) was established and she began to follow it consistently. 6 months into our program she was feeling a considerable amount of improvement. Even with that level of success, it was time for her yearly check up with her Western doctor (MD). In August of 2015, she received results from her blood test that confirmed she was indeed medically ill (see charts below).

She wasn’t surprised that testing did show up positive, after all, she had been feeling ill for so long. But now, she had proof! With the benefits she had received so far for our program regarding how she was feeling, she recommitted to the process and “went for it!”.

Over the next 18 month: She continued to feel a huge reduction in the heat symptom in her eyes. Her fatigue resolved, tiredness came and went, sleep became deeper and, most of all, she feels hopeful about the future and looks forward to her retirement. After a total of 24 months: Following our program she received a follow-up set of lab tests in March of this year 2017 from the same MD and lab. The following chart is a comparison of the two lab tests; approximately 18 months apart. (“<” means lesser than, “>” means greater than).


As you can see from these results (August 2015 to March 2017), her values returned to amazingly healthful levels!!!! In her lipid profile, her total cholesterol dropped 59 points, her LDL’s dropped 34 points and her Triglycerides dropped 116 points!! Going on, her sugar handling or management of sugars went from pre-diabetic to not-diabetic! Her A1c went from 5.7 down to 5.4! Amazing! And, with a life-style to support the future of these great results.

What did she do to get the amazing results? She utilized the following for her healing and transformation:

  1. Twice weekly acupuncture for 1 month, then 1 acupuncture treatment per week for 4 months, then twice per month for 6 months, then once per month for one additional year.

  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine (custom herbal formula) drunk daily during the course of the two years.

  3. Daily nutritional program that she could easily maintain. Her spouse was also doing well with the eating program created for the home. This kept her focused on her health because her spouse cared about her and his health as well.

  4. Daily yoga, walking and relaxation

  5. Daily meditation.

  6. Used her medical insurance for testing and medical over-sight/confirmation

  7. Stayed engaged with her life changes and how she feels. She didn’t permit poor feelings to derail her from her program. She is now reaping the benefits of her efforts. She reports the activities are easy to maintain and her life-style is comfortable and healthy!

It is so pleasing to note that when a patient has these kinds of results that they have also created a life-style set of habits, that can be sustained for the rest of their life, to sustain these results. It’s now a win-win-win situation: symptoms, life-style, energy. All are inline with health & life-style habits that are conditioned to be maintained. This is proof of what can happen when steady consistent actions in the direction of clear goals are followed.

Her 2 MD’s (General, Internist) are thrilled with these results. All of this was achieved without relying on prescription medications. She simply followed our plan for restoring her health and got it!

This amazing woman is but one of many patients at ParkView Health & Wellness Center who are courageous and conquering odds and getting great results. When time honored healing perspectives from around the world are combing with skill and experience, the odds are in favor of healing and transformation.

Congratulation are in order to all patients who are finding purpose through health and healing.