Can Acupuncture Help the Immune System?

There has never been more time and money going into the research of our immune system. What if I told you we got that right thousands of years ago?

Acupuncture at parkview health & Wellness Center

Acupuncture does a fantastic job at boosting the immune system as it improves the overall lung function, skin health and targets the nervous system. 

Develop a strong and effective immune system at ParkView Health & Wellness Center. A great deal of our immune system is controlled by our surface. After monthly visits skin pores will open and close preventing disease factors getting into our bodies. 

Patients treated by Dr. Arnette have a clear treatment path towards wellness. This path is built on thirty years of experience and has many roads. Let us guide you to a well-rounded system of preventative care.


Our patients have access to prescribed herbal formulas known as traditional chinese medicine, supplements, cupping treatment, chiropractic manipulation, functional medicine,  and massage therapy. Your visit to ParkView is based on past success and proven techniques. 

Stop feeling run down, tired, lethargic, or depressed. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Arnette and start raising your immunity. 

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