American Medical Association releases new back pain treatment research

“Acupuncture, spinal manipulation, massage, yoga and tai-chi are indicated for recommendation by the physician over pharmaceuticals and surgery for chronic lower back pain”.

When considering treatment for back pain, it is noteworthy that the American College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York have updated their treatment guidelines for acute and sub-acute chronic back pain. Through a systematic review of literature in the field of back pain, they have reported that non-pharmacologic approaches such as acupuncture, spinal manipulation, massage, yoga and tai-chi are to indicated for recommendation by the physician over pharmaceuticals and surgery.

Quote from the source:

American College of Physicians and Surgeons back pain recommendations:

For patients with chronic low back pain, clinicians and patients should initially select non-pharmacologic treatment with acupuncture, spinal manipulation, yoga, mindfulness-based stress reduction (meditation), progressive relaxation (yoga nidra), cognitive behavioral therapy (using your mind to heal your yourself), tai-chi, exercise, multidisciplinary rehabilitation, motor control exercise (Iyengar yoga), biofeedback (self-awareness exercises), low-level laser therapy, operant therapy.

You can find the article here for your own consideration.

This is remarkable for a conservative medical group to state such holistic findings in the world of modern medicine. I have personally treated thousands of cases of back pain. Most do best with a consistent regime of healing therapies; such as acupuncture, yoga, and chiropractic treatment. I’ve seen great results in patients who incorporate home activities, like their nutrition and exercise.

So, hat’s off to modern evidence supporting what we offer at ParkView Health and Wellness Center.

Time-honored therapies applied to modern conditions are still supreme!

On a clinical note: rarely does back pain come out of a single cause. In most cases the back was primed for a minor event to “set off” an episode of increase pain or loss of motion. Injuries usually result from a mind that was temporarily distracted or a body that was not balanced at the moment of challenge.

Since life is so multifaceted, here are three things you can do to bring some benefit and focus into your health and life:

1) Ground yourself each day with slow, deep breathing exercises (2-5 minutes)

2) “Drink in” sunlight daily 2- 10 minutes. If none is available then envision yourself in sunlight.

3) Move each day in a way that is loving and nourishing, include spinal movements.

4) Close your eyes each day for 10 minutes while sitting – relax inside.

Health is what’s left over when we remove the “film,” or layer, of our busy minds’ distortion of opinions and preferences and experience the quiet beyond. These opinions and preferences result in a focused life-style that causes gunk to build up occluding Spirit, mind, brain and body. Health is our innate ability to recover from challenges. Healers, healings and healing agents act to remove obstacles to and support of this inner healing power. You may not have thought about it in this way, but the Chinese say that “sickness teaches us how to be healthy” – how to let go of the life-style and the busy mind so that our healing nature expresses itself as healing and health in us as strength and vitality in life.

So, to regularly remove the effects of a gunky life-style is to move towards a more balanced and healthy life. This is why I believe in internal cleaning every 6-months. Join us in a few weeks. Check out the schedule.

Healing is for all. Be well.