Butter Paleo Cake

Hi everyone. 

Happy December. Boy, this one came fast, but don’t they always? :) 

So, as this is the season for ‘sweet’ treats, I thought I would “go with the flow” and offer you something sweet, (but not too sweet), and relatively healthful to try out. And btw, while there is a good amount of butter in this recipe, unless you eat the whole cake yourself, there's really not too much. And besides, like a lot of things, butter's really not the "bad guy" it's been made out to be over the years (by lobbyists and advertisers). Like with most things though, "all things in moderation." There's no wheat flour too, so it's a lot better for you, even if you're not gluten-sensitive. And btw, you could eat the whole cake yourself, if you wanted to. I would just suggest you do it over the space of a few days :) (Store in an airtight container or covered, in the fridge and just reheat when you're ready for a piece).

So, essentially, it is a cake, with a fairly basic cake batter which, by itself, will make a tasty "pound cake"-type cake, (although, way more moist), however, you can also ‘customize’ it by adding one or more optional ingredients, according to your personal tastes and preferences. So, the basic cake batter is as follows; 

In a large mixing bowl, place; 1 cup of Almond flour, 1 cup of Coconut flour, 2 tsps of baking powder and an 1/8th of a tsp of salt and mix together.  

In a smaller bowl, add 4 eggs, ½ a cup of milk, 1 tsp Vanilla essence (2 for more of a Vanilla flavor), and mix until blended. 

In a small pot, place ½ a cup of sugar (preferably raw) and 12 tbls of butter (3/4 cup) and heat on low heat until completely melted. Stir to blend then add it to the mix of eggs and milk and slowly whisk or beat until blended. Now add this mix to the larger bowl of dry ingredients and further mix it all together to create the cake batter.  

Pour the batter into a greased 9”X 13” (or similar size) cake tin or Pyrex dish and bake at 350 F for about 30 minutes . . . . . . OR, you could add and mix in one or more of the following ingredients to the batter before baking it, depending on your personal preference; 

½ cup of chopped walnuts 

½ cup of chocolate chips 

½ cup of raisins 

(or whatever else you think you might like to add. Personally, I like a version with all three additives but also one with just raisins). “Variety is the spice of life.” 

Serving suggestion; slice up and serve warm with a dollop (or two) of freshly whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. 

By the way; 

"Bob’s Red Mill Brand" has both Almond and Coconut Flour (Whole Foods, Lazy Acres, and even some Ralph’s). 

Also, I do prefer raw sugar as opposed to white and refined, largely because the white has all the “goodness” extracted from it, otherwise, white sugar works fine.  For that extra level of seasonal "naughtyness," and "eye-appeal" as well, add a light powdering of powered sugar over it once it's cooked (place about a 1/4 cup in a fine strainer and 'tap' it evenly all over the cake when cooled).

And finally, enjoy!!, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON too!!, and ‘see’ you next year.   BILL ;)