Key Lime Pie

Hi again.

Happy Spring! Hard to believe it’s April already, (it was Jan 1st not too long ago! :) but I am looking forward to some nice warm sunny weather. And, as summer is just around the corner, I thought I’d base this month’s recipe on two of my favorite things; “summer,” and “dessert.” So, below is my version of a favorite summertime dessert, “Key Lime Pie,” with a healthful spin of course. A regular Key Lime Pie recipe uses a cookie crust and a whole can of Sweetened Condensed Milk with up to 6 eggs in the filling!! (just so you know), but the recipe below has none of the above, and tastes just like the “real McCoy.” Try it and see for yourself. “Your family and friends will never know.” Enjoy!

Key Lime Pie

Pie Crust:

1 cup Macadamia Nuts

1 cup Pecans

6 – 8 dates (be sure to remove the pits!)

½ tsp Vanilla Extract

½ tsp sea salt


1 cup avocado (ripe, but not too soft)

¼ - 1/3 cup Lime juice (try ¼ first, add a ‘splash’ if not enough)

½ - ¾ cup Honey (preferably raw) Again, try half a cup first, add more if not enough.

¾ cup Coconut Milk (the canned variety, and preferably one that contains just coconut milk, water and salt but no other additives)

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

½ tsp sea salt


  1. Place Pie Crust ingredients into a food processor and “pulse” for about 30 secs, until mixture is “crumbly.”

  2. Pour mixture into a pie dish or shallow casserole dish and pat it down evenly to form a thick crust at the bottom and partway up the sides.

  3. Blend the Filling ingredients in a blender (or Food Processor) until smooth and pour into the pie crust. Place in freezer and freeze for about 3 hours . Remove from freezer and store in refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap, to maintain freshness.

Serving Suggestion:

Slice and serve with a large dollop of fresh (non-aerosol), lightly sweetened whipped cream.


It’s always best to use Raw Honey because it hasn’t been pasteurized (cooked) and thereby had all the good stuff is still ‘alive.’ Just FYI, Ralph’s has a good and inexpensive brand called “Wild Mountain,” no plug intended.

Also, it may feel weird to some of you to use avocado in a dessert but really, that’s all in your mind so get over it (just kidding). It actually tastes great and avocado is really good for you too and, if you didn’t know what it was in the first place, you’d never know when you tried it.

One last thing, when following a recipe, for the best results, it usually pays to follow measurements to the “T,” unless stated otherwise. But when it calls for a teaspoon (tsp) or tablespoon (tbsp) of something, it means to use a proper level tsp or tbsp measuring device, if you have one, i.e, don’t just use regular spoons and try and to ‘guess’ the amount.

So, good luck, have fun, and ‘see’ you next month.