In today’s ever-changing healthcare industry people need to know how to maintain their health by means that are within their own grasp and reach. The subject of nutrition is one such case and subject. While it does take some time to learn nutrition, and there is general nutrition as well as specialized nutrition, once it’s learned it is then useful for the individual for the rest of their life.

While there are disagreements in the medical news regarding which dietary styles to follow, we clinicians over the last 30 years have always treated patients individually. Individualized or customized nutritional and life-style protocols, for not only the patient but also their condition, have been the “bed-rock” approach for diagnosing treating and managing health conditions and concerns.

Nutrition is not only a hot topic for discussion, but also a vital discussion for maintaining our health. Especially with sports and sports performance.

As an extension of the center at Park Tower, I am a co-sponsor of a running and walking club here in Long Beach. This group is called Sole Runner’s and they teach, inspire and train for Marathons, half marathons and healthy walking. In the past, I have supported this group by teaching yoga and providing professional services. This year I am expanding my interactions with the group by leading them through a five month long nutritional program aimed at their performance in the group.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we will include video clips from these short talks prior to their trainings every other Saturday. There will also be PDF follow-up on our website as well as Sole Runner’s website.

So, please check out the video embedded be and join us in the following weeks and months for a lesson by lesson development nutritional concepts for health and performance.

And as always, if any of you out there have concerns for yourself, your family or friends I am available for health consultations, nutritional consultation as well as located in my treatment center in Long Beach. With the technology of Skype I am also able to extend myself around the globe for help. Help me help more people who need help with their life and health.