Getting Started:

Begin your practice sessions with Video Number 3 - Breathing Practice. Become comfortable with this internal practice alone away from any outer movement practices. This may take several days to several weeks to memorize. Be patient with yourself. This Breathing practice may be the only practice you can do during certain cycles of medical or alternative treatments and/or stage of your general health and condition. You may repeat the breath practice several times in a row for deeper effect up to 3 times in a row then rest and repeat again. When practicing breathing practice never allow discomfort. Always stop any breath practice if discomfort is felt. Return to normal breathing and relax. Then you may return to the breath practice when settled.

If the body and energy allow for additional practices, then progress to learning the Sun Salute at the Chair. Several practice sessions, including arm movements, are needed teach you the main practice of the sun salutation at the Chair. As with the breathing Practices, take time to get to know this sequence. Over a short time you will easily memorize the sequence and can practice away from the video. This will increase integration within your mind/body. Integration towards wholeness is a goal of healing, yoga and life.
Then, the active sequence ends with a twist and a deeper stretch. Take time to learn and become comfortable with the sequences. Memorize it. Use it throughout the day.
The active practice component end with a relaxing Shavasana. This is a guided relaxation and meditation to listen to and experience within yourself. There is a set up guide for newer practitioners.

To Practice:

In the beginning, you may chose only the Breathing Practice. Then progress to using more of the sequences until you can do the entire practice including Shavasana.
Daily, take breath practices, sun salutations, twists and deeper stretches. End with a Shavasana for balancing.
It is the daily practice that has the promise of deeper change and healing over time. Like brushing your teeth daily, use these practices to clean your energy and mind.
It is our sincere desire that you experience the healing and vitality that is your birthright as a human. May these practice help you on your life path to a more vibrant and alive you. Be Well.

Dr. Allen Arnette, D.C., L.Ac., Yoga and Meditation instructor


Video Series Explained

Breathing Practice

Adding Arm Movements to Breath Practice

Teaching a Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation Practice

Seated Twist and Deeper Stretching

Set-up for Shavasana

Deep Guided Relaxation or Shavasana