Acupuncture Mosaic

Acupuncture is known to be the original holistic medicine, originating in China for thousands of years.
Acupuncture entails the insertion of very thin stainless steel needles (about the thickness of a human hair) on various parts of the body, depending upon the region requiring attention and the desired effect. The general effect is an increase in the flow of energy throughout the meridians (channels) of the body, thereby promoting healing, wellness and relaxation.

A specific treatment plan is formulated for each individual patient, according to their needs, as per the assessments of the attending physician. Along with a comprehensive health regimen that often includes natural herbs, supplements, diet and physical therapy, this ancient method of healing can effectively address a vast array of health issues that plague the modern world.

Scientific testing has proven that acupuncture can and does reduce stress, relieve pain, decrease inflammation, promote healing and increase energy levels. A study in 2010, in fact, by the University of Pennsylvania found that 70 percent of the more comprehensive cancer treatment centers offer therapies such as acupuncture as part of their patients’ treatment plans.

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