When to use Chiropractic medicine?

Patients have found pain relief after chiropractic treatments for both acute and chronic situations:


Chiropractic For Spine:

  • Spine
  • Neck
  • Mid-back
  • Low-Back
  • Extremities
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows and Wrists
  • Hips
  • Knees and Feet

Chiropractic For Extremities:

  • Shoulders
  • Elbows and Wrists
  • Hips
  • Knees and Feet

Chiropractic For Conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica

Acute situations are best described as when someone “pulls their back out” from gardening, cleaning the house, from a sports related injury, or even from sitting too long at work or in traffic. Additionally, when the body experiences stillness for too long, it is not able to repair itself through stretching alone. Chiropractic is used to restore normal motion of the body, joints and muscles thereby relieving pain and restoring function.

Chronic situations are ongoing pain that persists beyond typical pain management techniques or any expected time frame.

The chiropractic approach helps to maintain a balance in the vital relationship between the muscular-skeletal structures of the body and the nervous system. It does this by restoring proper nerve and energy flow, thus allowing the body to effectively heal itself. Chiropractic care is considered safe and effective treatment that is best utilized in these two ways.

Is massage used at ParkView?

Massage can be utilized in the treatment of Chiropractic medicine, delivered by the physician in small focused methods. Seeing our massage therapist before or after a Chiropractic treatment helps to relax and open up a targeted area. Stress is frequently a causative agent for pain and disability. By addressing this first with therapeutic massage and then by chiropractic manipulations a greater outcome is frequently achieved.

Massage is an effective component for treating all kinds of pain and health conditions. In combination with chiropractic manipulation, patients experience even greater and longer lasting effects. The body’s muscles and skeletal system are meant to be worked together. By realigning your joints. Chiropractic adjustments also help the soft tissues manipulated during your massage heal quicker.

To suit the needs of each patient Dr. Arnette has a variety of massage therapists to provide:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Myofascial
  • Sports
  • Swedish

By integrating chiropractic medicine with a personalized massage package our patients have noticed improved nervous system functionality, reduced pain and inflammation, increased flexibility and range of motion, and increased blood flow. The level of care provided by this combination is an ideal way to prevent or ease many conditions.

Is nutrition used with Chiropractic treatments?

Nutrition and chiropractic care are interwoven in both functionality and philosophy. Nutrients are necessary to keep our organs functioning, our bodies moving, and our brains operating. It is understood that when the body is not well nourished the muscles, tendons and ligaments do not function properly. Proper nutrition is a necessary behavior to encourage optimal health. When rebuilding your health with chiropractic care your body most-likely will require optimal nutrient levels. To understand the needs of your body we can utilize various tests include dietary evaluation, advanced nutritional testing and the doctors 30 years of physical and energetic examinations. Best results are found when patients use chiropractic care along with a nutrition and life-style plan.

Are ParkView’s supplements pure?

ParkView utilizes trusted supplements that Dr. Arnette has chosen. Over many years he has established relationships with companies that are safe and have long track records of clinical success. It is necessary to determine whether a product is good for a patient or not. There is a great deal of evaluation of the quality of the supplements, the binders, the fillers, the extracts, the delivery agents, and any artificial additives. Dr. Arnette only works with companies who also go to great length in providing the best quality supplements. None of our products are bought on Amazon or sold through Amazon for the reason of controlling the safety, and to verify and guarantee what is in the supplement. Dietary supplements include such ingredients as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes.

When will I feel results?

Patients typically feel results with Chiropractic medicine quickly after their sessions. The real question is, “How long will the effects (of treatment) last?” It depends on the extent of the problems, chiropractic manipulations help patients feel noticeably better shortly after receiving treatment in as few as 2-3 treatments. Your individual response to spinal manipulation is influenced by:

  • Nature of condition or injury
  • Acute or chronic
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Age
  • General state of health

Patients who are less physical may need more Chiropractic treatments more frequently in the beginning. For less mobile and non-mobile patients chiropractic care is, in our mind, a must! The less active someone is the more likely they will have imbalances that result in disease and degeneration. Chiropractic treatments work like a miracle for some patients that are active and take proper care of themselves. When living a healthy lifestyle there is less congestion build up in the body.

These treatments also maintain and restore good health. If a patient is not in pain but their body has a tendency to get stiffness, we don't just adjust we analyze the situation first. Oftentimes, the problem does not come from where the pain exists. Chiropractic physicians always operate from an examination, resulting in diagnosis, and then treatment is applied.

How many Chiropractic visits are needed to see results?

Chiropractic medicine can be miraculous in as few as 3 to 5 visits for many situations. Some conditions, however, such as a severe injury, may need more treatments…beyond 10 or even 15 visits. As an average, bone, disc and cartilage injuries take 3-5 months, ligament, tendon and muscle injuries take at least 3 months to heal. Patients seeking preventative care can follow a schedule, consisting of one to several visits per month based on need.

What is Chiropractic medicine?

Chiropractic medicine is a holistic, natural medical perspective and treatment approach to solving health care issues. This holistic, natural medical perspective develops a “view” towards thriving and wellness in addition to symptom reduction. More than 100 years ago it was discovered that our body, chemistry and electrical impulses from the brain and mind all meld together into one organic whole called human life. Viewing it from this perspective, health concerns are a disruption in the normal flow of nerve signal, muscle action and or internal chemical patterns.

In America, chiropractic medicine is the original drugless and wellness-oriented healthcare system. What is a patient’s concern is often not the cause of the presenting pain but a by-product of a normal system that is stressed and imbalanced. Doctors’ of Chiropractic bring about health and wellness, in part, through manipulation of the musculoskeletal system.

A great deal of problems are found in the disrupted musculoskeletal system, chiropractors frequently utilize the musculoskeletal system to bring about restoration of health. However, in today’s medical climate chiropractors have made a great divide into two camps within the profession. One camp moves in the direction of fitness and sports performance. This approach to chiropractic is focused mostly upon sports injuries, performance and enhancements. Another camp moves in the direction of a physician with a holistic perspective. From this “view,” health concerns are considered from a natural and holistic point of view. Here diet, herbs/supplements, chiropractic manipulations, acupuncture treatments, therapeutic massage, effective meditation, intentional yoga and various other natural healing techniques would be utilized in the process of restoring health and illness.

What is meant by the word “stagnations?”

Stagnation is a term used to describe a slowing down of fluids, actions or energies within the body/mind and its various tissues/attributes.

Stagnation Symptoms that is/are not relieved by stretching/exercise:

  • Aches and Pains
  • Stiffness
  • Moodiness/irritability
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Fatigue/procrastination

These congestions interrupt the pattern of normal muscular movement which thereby induces pain and dysfunction. Muscle, joint and bone imbalances left unchecked manifest into medical syndromes and conditions. Chiropractic treatment is used to prevent these conditions from building up of “stagnations” in the body.

Are Chiropractic treatments covered under insurance?

Chiropractic does have insurance acceptance. It depends on the policy, the nature of the policy and the patient's condition to determine whether a policy will be useful or not. Our staff at Parkview will be glad to verify your insurance benefits and discuss these options.

How much is Chiropractic care at ParkView?

  1. If there is no insurance coverage, we have a time of service fees.
  2. We will verify your insurance prior to considering ParkView as your health care choice.
  3. Chiropractic care that is covered by insurance will be based on the terms of the policy.
  4. If there is a personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation or other med-legal case, please contact our office.