Chiropractic is known as an art and a science and is fast becoming a more popular form of treatment among people and their MD’s. The science of chiropractic, essentially, is the physical adjustment of misalignment and subluxation (dislocation) of the spine and other areas of the body, which also affect the nervous system. This helps to maintain a balance in the intricate relationship between the musculoskeletal structure of the body and the nervous systems by restoring proper nerve and energy flow and thereby allowing the body to more effectively heal itself.
“As a Doctor of Chiropractic,” says Dr Allen Arnette, director of Park View Health and Wellness Center, “I have witnessed first hand countless stories of “miraculous” healing from my patients.” Many of them who had suffered for years from such chronic conditions as migraine headaches and neck and back pain have found their cures in chiropractic treatment.”

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