Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach to finding the root cause of a problem by testing for specific health identifiers. Instead of treating patients for the problem, we want to find out why the problem started in the first place. After a consultation with Dr. Arnette, you will be recommended different tests. Once you receive your results Dr. Arnette will find the root cause of your problem and recommend further treatment. According to the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), which is the gold standard of training in the field, “the functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.”

Why should I choose Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. Historically, Western medicine will address the symptomology of a patient’s illness. The emphasis on finding where an illness comes from means not worrying about contracting it again. After taking the right steps in both proactive and preventative care patients will see how the body has the ability to heal itself. Functional medicine is a community of people that are willing to dig deeper and do a lot of investigative work.
Dr. Arnette went through the process of functional medicine related to a patient’s melanoma. After following through with different test Dr. Arnette was able to recommend more collagen. The addition of this supplement prevented additional surgery while correcting a dietary issue holding back her recovery. Additional collagen was something that her clinical doctor did not think of and now recommends.

When is Functional Medicine best used?

Functional medicine analyzes how the cells function or are not functioning in a specific part of your body. The results are not necessarily a disease title but a state of health or lack of health. Your results may couple a few things that are going on simultaneously that when separated out and treated bring about the wellness the patient is looking for. Applying holistic medicine to a laboratory setting, functional medicine extends into lifestyle management and herbal supplementation to really get to what's called the root of the problem.

Functional medicine utilizes a variety of testing to look at the immune system, cell health, allergies, neurotransmitters, hormone levels, biomagnification, and mold infections to find a more complete answer.

What is Nutrition?

There are a few different nutrition programs offered at ParkView. Each program includes the full support of Dr. Arnette. With weekly consultations Dr. Arnette is committed to helping you reach any nutritional goal his patients express. Our programs are used for losing weight, cleansing the digestive system, food preparation demonstrations, original recipes, and following commercial diets with careful attention. You do not need to change patterns by yourself. Get the help of a medical professional who enjoys seeing his patient’s success.

Is nutrition used with Chiropractic treatments?

Nutrition and chiropractic care are interwoven in both functionality and mechanics. Nutrients are necessary to keep our organs functioning, our bodies moving, and our brains operating. It is understood that when the body is not well nourished the muscles, tendons and ligaments do not function properly. Proper nutrition is a necessary behavior to encourage musculoskeletal health. Your spine is accustomed to a set strain based on weight fluctuations. When rebuilding your structure with chiropractic care your body will require proper nutrients. To understand the needs of your body we will utilize dietary evaluation and some supplement management to aid in your recovery. Best results are found when patients use chiropractic care complementary to a nutrition regimen.

Are herbs used along with the acupuncture?

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbs are frequently used side-by-side. For the majority of cases this is true at Park View Health & Wellness Center. Chinese herbal medicine is a rich and safe tradition used in treating illnesses and diseases that humans experience. However, it really depends upon how the medicinal herbs are utilized and the nature of the patient’s diagnosis. At Parkview Health and Wellness Center, Dr. Arnette is an experienced medical herbalist (trained in China and the US) and uses these medicinal herbs for complex situations including viral conditions. At Parkview Wellness Center Dr. Arnette has access to over 250 Chinese medical herbs to treat medical conditions.

Are supplements safe?

ParkView receives trusted supplements that Dr. Arnette has chosen. Over many years he has established relationships with companies that are safe and have long track records of success. It is necessary to determine whether a product is good for a patient or not. There is a great deal of evaluation of the quality of the supplements, the binders, the fillers, the extracts, the delivery agents, and any artificial additives. Dr. Arnette only works with companies who also go to great lengths in providing the best quality supplements. None of our products are bought on Amazon or sold through Amazon for the reason of controlling the safety, and to verify and guarantee what is in the supplement.
Dietary supplements include such ingredients as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes.

Taking supplements is unsafe when:

  • Combining supplements without instruction
  • Using supplements with medicine
  • Substituting supplements for prescribed medication
  • Taking a different dose than what is recommended

Supplements are not accepted unless they have the “good manufacturing seal”. Dr. Arnette also regularly tests his supplements and herbs at California State University of Long Beach. These tests confirm that our supplements are free from heavy metals, pesticides and residues.