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Summer classes
June, July & August 2020

Chair practice
Thursday 11:00 - 12:30 pm

The first thirty minutes of class will focus on breathing and meditation techniques followed by an hour demonstration of chair yoga.

Floor practice
Saturdays 6:00 - 7:30 pm 

Breath and movement are interwoven to bring about the alchemical transformation for which yoga is famous. This culminates in a meditation-savasana-relaxation for a well-balanced practice.


Dr. Arnette's Summer Cleanse (July 13th - July 30th)
Monday (9:00 am) and Thursday (4:30 pm)
Dr. Arnette is taking his cleanse course online in a series of 6 zoom group sessions, 15 doctor recommended meal plans, 11 kitchen tutorials, and 21 supportive blogs to keep students connected and motivated. This course challenges your ideas of nutrition while setting you up for a life time of success.

A recording of each session will be available for a week after each class. 
Only Dr. Arnette will be shown in these recording. Sign up for classes with the calendar below!

Menu of options
  • Choose to drop into a single session! $18.00 per class
  • Save by buying a monthly Series (choose June, July or August) $12.00 per class
  • Gift Cards for sharing health through yoga with friends and family

"Bringing Allen Arnette into your home to do yoga is like bringing peace and love into a place of war. He knows the body. He helps everyone he connects with feel their body, heal their body, and unite their body, mind, and spirit"

— Lisa Guest