I came for my chronic foot and ear pain. My friend insisted that I go see Dr. Arnette for acupuncture treatment but I just couldn’t build up the courage to do so.

Finally, I visited my internist and asked her for advice. When I mentioned that I was thinking of going to see Dr. Arnette, she immediately said, “I love Dr. Arnette, go!” She said that she had trust in his practice and continued to encourage me to see him. At that point, I really had no excuse not to make my appointment.

My first consultation was great! Dr. Arnette took more than hour to get to know my medical background and me. I really liked that. When I came in for my second visit, I already felt at home and extremely comfortable with his treatment.

I have now been going in once a week for the past three years. I love going in for treatment and getting a chance to meditate as my pain goes away. Before my treatment, Dr. Arnette usually spends about 15 minutes examining my body for any other things that may be wrong. It feels like no matter what pain or sickness I come down with, it is never something he can’t fix.

Dr. Arnette has taught me the importance of mind and body health. He’s a healer, he knows me, and he knows how to fix my body. I found the relief I was looking for in my foot and ear and much more!


Dr. Arnette is a blessing to Long Beach and surrounding areas! He's loving and yet very straightforward about what needs to be done to get results. I've gone in very anxious and left filled with hope. In talking with other patients, he has been monumental in their transition back to health for a lot of different ailments as well. Don't miss out! He can help. Definitely grateful!!

Jenna M. (Yelp Review)

Dr. Arnette has helped me resolve many a health problem over the past 10 years which include digestion issues, bladder infections, and my current allergies. He is a master acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist as well as an amazing chiropractor. Truly a gifted healer!

Sue G. (Yelp Review)

My internist sent me specifically to Dr. Arnette because I was not responding well to treatment. She sends her more complicated patients to him and I am so grateful. After a lifetime of seeing doctor after doctor, I finally found my LAST doctor! He truly takes the time to understand each patient and truly will walk with you from wherever you begin with him..whether it be truly very ill like me, OR having a muscular pain or injury like other patients..to where you feel great and are truly enjoying a full, happy life!!

Leia M. (Yelp Review)

Dr. Allen Arnette and his associates have a beautiful new location overlooking Recreation Park in Long Beach. Still the same great care and huge heart! And the gorgeous building has validated parking.

Nancy T. (Yelp Review)