28 Days to Wellness

Wellness in 28 days

Achieve optimum health in less than one month with Dr. Allen Arnette's new program. Learn how to cook like a doctor with Dr. Arnette's recommended shopping list, meal plans, and kitchen tutorials. Keep in touch with the community through meetings twice a week. Stay focused with introductory meditation and yoga videos. This class accumulates all of Dr. Arnette's nutritional knowledge and experience as an educator. Read more about what this class encompasses below or sign up for the October session by using the calendar. 

Cook like a doctor

The goal of any detoxification and cleansing program should always be a long-term lifestyle change. Knowing what food to buy and how to cook it is an important part of the lifestyle approach.

To cook like Dr. Arnette first requires the right ingredients. Taking this course gives you access to three shopping lists approved by Dr. Arnette. Having a reliable shopping list gives you a plan that relieves a lot of stress at the market.  

If you are new to cooking or are unfamiliar with some ingredients on the shopping list you will love Dr. Arnette's recipes and kitchen tutorials. His recipes have be customized to match the three shopping list you will use throughout the month. 

Eating whole foods is sustainable because it balances the body’s internal functions and sets a foundation for health today as well as in the future. Dr. Arnette inspires his patients through the most natural options available for cleansing the body and mind thus creating a sustainable approach. 

online Community

A huge part of "28 days to wellness" is learning from the group events. Join the zoom calls on Monday and Thursday to see what challenges others have faced and how they were solved. 


9:00am - 10:00am


4:30pm - 5:30pm

Yoga Classes

Each week of class also includes a video demonstrating a meditation or yoga sequence. 

Meditation: Open the lungs and relax the mind as Dr. Arnette guides you through breathing exercises and deep meditation. Dr. Arnette offers a welcoming space for all to learn the healing arts of meditation and mindfulness.

Chair Yoga: Yoga postures are made available to everyone when using a chair as a prop.  A prop is a tool used in the practice of yoga to create optimal body alignment and make specific actions for poses accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to perform the postures due to physical limitations or fatigue. 

Floor Yoga: Dr. Arnette combines many styles of yoga for an enlivening and healing practice of yoga. His blend of asana, breathing, meditation, vinyasas, knowledge, wisdom and insight create a well-balanced and fun class!