Treating Sciatica with Chiropractic

Dr. Allen Arnette currently treats patients at Parkview Health and Wellness Center located in Long Beach.

What is Sciatica?

There is a wide variety of pain caused from a sciatic nerve pinch. The discomfort likely follows a path from your low back to the back of your thigh or calf. This pain is often described as a mild ache, a burning sensation, or an excruciating pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve and down one or both legs.

What are causes of Sciatica?

Most cases of sciatica start from a pressed nerve. Pinched nerves are a result from a herniated disk, bone spur, piriformis muscle spasm, or another spinal injury. At ParkView we are not satisfied until we know the root cause of your sciatica. It is common that sciatica begins from a combination of prolonged periods of sitting, a lack of stretching, and poor posture. Without knowing the cause of your sciatic pain, it is bound to happen again.


Dr. Arnette has identified risk factors from his sciatica patients:

  • Prolonged periods of sitting or inactive lifestyles.
  • Driving a motor vehicle for long periods of time.
  • Twisting your back, carrying heavy loads.
  • Patients with high or low blood sugar.
  • Extra body weight may contribute to a spinal change causing a sciatica.
  • Age-related changes in the spine.

Treating Sciatica with Chiropractic Manipulation

Once a patient is affected by Sciatica their spinal movement can become restricted. Chiropractic manipulation can offer relief quickly. Prescription medications can have unwanted side effects. After receiving Dr. Arnette's expert care, the body can begin to move more freely and begin healing. *Spinal manipulations reduce the nerve irritability from inflammation, muscle spasms, pain, and have been proven to be safe and effective*. Once the pressure on the nerve is relieved a patient’s spinal movement begins to return to normal, leading to restoration, elimination of pain and improved function for performance.



Treating Sciatica with Acupuncture

Nerve and energy stagnation can cause spinal movements to become restricted, frequently leading to sciatica. Making acupuncture effective is an ellusive art. Dr. Arnette's experience and training in China have developed reliable diagnostic and treatment methods using this Chinese medical approach. Acupuncture, massage, cupping, guasha, natural medical guidance on what effects and causes sciatica are all woven together to end pain, moving towards healing of the cause of sciatica. *



How to Prevent Sciatic Stress?

Sciatic stress makes everyday life feel burdensome. There are a few tips Dr. Arnette gives patients that are experiencing sciatic stress.

Include yoga regularly to prevent sciatic stress. Check out Arnette’s online yoga.

Standing Recommendations:

  • If you start to feel tired after standing for too long rest one foot on a stool or small box from time to time.
  • When lifting something heavy let your legs do the work while keeping a straight back. Only bend your knees while moving straight up and down. Hold the majority of the weight close to your body. Also, avoid lifting and twisting simultaneously. Finally, ask for help when lifting an awkward or heavy object.

Sitting Recommendations:

  • Maintain a proper, yet comfortable posture when you sit. Find a chair that can properly support your lower back. Use a small pillow or a rolled towel for extra support. The idea is to keep your knees and hips level to prevent further pinching.
  • To minimize spinal stress your pelvis needs to be level. Therefor avoid leaving bulky objects in your back pocket when sitting (a wallet for example).

What helps Sciatica?

Sciatic trauma is nerve trauma. Dr. Arnette resets the body so no nerves are being pinched or pressed. Acupuncture regulates the nerve “flow” of energy in and out of the brain and body. At Parkview, sciatica patients treated with a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture treatment find great success. Cellular processes utilize energy to make proteins, hormones, and repair inflammatory molecules. In cases of abnormal inflammation, we also recommend seeing one of our massage therapists either before or after a scheduled chiropractic visit.

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